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Pleading To The Charge

Too many horror stories begin with individuals charged with misdemeanors (or disorderly persons offenses in New Jersey) that on their face appear harmless. The problem is compounded when the prosecutor offers a PTC “plea to the charge” with no jail time and either a reasonable or nominal fine. Assuming this is a good deal is one of the worst decisions one can make and will lead to a criminal record that will act as a scar in the future. Pleading to the charge is the same as having the prosecutor prove the accused guilty of the same crime alleged, no small feat if you retain a capable defense attorney. A good defense attorney will be able to poke large holes in the prosecution’s case before trial and in so doing will be able to secure a much less severe charge such as a simple violation (or municipal ordinance violation in New Jersey). Make sure you seek out the advice of an attorney before responding to the prosecution’s offer. At Paschalidis Law Offices, your attorney will be well versed in the consequences of each and every plea offer and will ensure that you only accept an offer that will benefit you both in the short and long term.